Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon in Perth

Post-operative instructions following Local Anaesthetic


The local anaesthetic usually wears off in approximately 1-2 hours. Some pain or discomfort may be experienced and is usually relieved by Panadol, Panamax, or Panadeine taken every 6 hours if necessary. Severe pain is unusual and should be reported to my rooms.

Wound / dressing care

Please keep all dressings clean dry and intact if possible (unless otherwise instructed). If your sutures are dressed with emollient ointment, then this needs to be re-applied 4-5 times per day. Please wash off all old emollient away with water before re-application.


Occasionally there may be a little bleeding into the dressings or ointment within the first 24 hours of the procedure. This is usually not a problem. However, if the bleeding fails to stop with 5 minutes of constant pressure or is excessive, then it should be reported to my rooms.


Occasionally a wound may become infected. The wound will appear red and swollen, and may be tender. A discharge may also be present. Please notify my rooms if this occurs.


All wounds requiring suturing (stitches) will develop a scar. After removal of the sutures, the wound will be red and may become lumpy. To minimise this lumpiness the wound can be massaged with moisturising cream starting 3-4 days after removal of sutures or tapes. The lumpiness begins to settle after 6-8 weeks following the operation. During the scar maturation process, the scars are more vulnerable to sun damage and stay redder longer. To minimise this apply regular sun screen and avoid excessive sun exposure. Scars may be pink for up to 6/9 months but tend to fade by 12 months.